Dear User,

It has come to my attention, that a lot of people don't use this website the way it was designed. This is entirely my fault, as I failed to realize how many people will never try to log in. The non-authorized part of the website--which you are visiting now--never meant to offer more than a sortable gear list. However, a lot of players followed the "best knight" setup which only works if all the pieces are put together, and forged and embedded to the max. level. Most players can never achieve that, and need to get a "personalized setup." This site can find the best setup for each individual player, and always has been serving that way, but only if provided with information about what gear the player has. To be able to use that feature, you need to log in, so that your gear can be stored. For logging in you need a Google account, as the authorization and all security is handled by Google. This way the website will never see your password, and the only information collected about you is your email address, which is used to identify you when you come next time.

To avoid any confusion, every user is now required to log in.

Thank you for your understanding.